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Ethiopia has one of the largest resources of bamboo in Africa, belonging to two main indigenous species. Bamboo is one of the most important Non-Timber Forest Products  in Ethiopia  and an  estimated 750,000 people are dependent on bamboo for their livelihoods. We source  bamboo from all across Ethiopia to bring you the best Product. 


lowland bamboo - Oxytenanthera abyssinica

A  comparatively high capacity of biomass production, grows in a larger area, and due to the semi-solid to solid nature of its poles, is highly suitable for bamboo bioenergy production. In addition, bamboo charcoal could also be further value added into higher valued active carbon.

Sources of bamboo in Ethiopia

highland bamboo -Yushania alpina

Yushania Alpina (highland bamboo) is a tufted, long rhizome neck with erect green culms ranging from 10-20 m in height. The diameter of the culm ranges from 5 -12.5cm and is mainly found in the south, central and north west highlands of Ethiopia at altitudes ranging from 2200 to 4000 m ASL, with high rainfall ranging from 1500-2000 mm. 

It is widely used for construction, fencing, basketry, furniture, beehives, mats, household and agriculture utensils. Currently our partners use highland bamboo for production of industrial products such as flooring tiles and stick-based product lines (curtains, table mats and ecofriendly toothbrush).


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