larkwall  is a company started with a passion to build a platform that ‘fill the gap’ in trade between the African market and the rest of the world.

We aim to connect the African market to the international market in every level. Not only this but it will also enhance the bilateral cultural exchange and push the tourism industry to a better and smarter place.

Our Vision

We aim to create a smart, strong, stable and long-lasting platform system that enable the import and export system between African countries and other continent countries.


SMART: We believe everyone in Africa and everywhere else will be buying in an easier or smarter way than now, and we aim to bring that smart platform to life.

STRONG: We aim that this platform will be able to handle big deals in the near future.

STABLE: As we continue growing, we want our platform have less down time and provide a fast and reliable service.

LONG-LASTING As this platform will impact many lives across in Ethiopia as well as Africa we aim that this company will be able to continue giving service for generations.