We are Larkwall

Delighting senses since 2018


Coffee, a daily staple of the world, is by far the most communal drink than any other. This fact is amplified when it’s Ethiopia, the origin of coffee. Ethiopians from the highland folks to the valley dwellers to the deserts nomads, all enjoy this drink with friends and family every single day.


However, as heavenly are the aromas of the coffees of Ethiopia, the process also has its dark pits. Such a national treasure has caused many to lose their lands, livelihoods and families. Profits drive the ever increasing demands of these specialty coffees.ย 


Here’s where we come in.ย 

After seeing the devastation, we at Larkwall decided to find better ways to source our coffees. Ways that don’t involve human suffering to those that provide it. You see, our hearts have melted at the sight of the poor conditions farmers are made to work in and for a measly sum just to put food on the table. We wanted to change things for the better.


After 3 years of continuous laborious efforts of convincing, involving, teaching, encouraging, and promising, we have changed lives for the better.