Fair trade

The humble Ethiopian farmers and producers are our partners every step of the way.


High Quality

Our products are carefully curated by select experts of the industry.



Ethiopian coffees have unique flavor profiles with variable aromas

Our COFFEE SelectionS
Bags of pure bliss

Full-body • sweet • floral

heavy-body • Acidic • floral

Winey • Heady • floral

Full-body • sweet • floral

heavy-body • Acidic • floral


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Always grateful for our circle of friends

We are fair trade

And not just to our coffee producers

Our success is determined by the personal and professional success of those under our wings. From farmers to berry washers to messengers to logistics, we always give what is due to those who deserve it. Even before the company took roots, we understood that coffee is a communal drink, the one thing tying all Ethiopians together. As such, this community is and should always be at the forefront of the any enterprise. We delight in helping the community find value, grow and prosper through giving back.

YOU make all these possible. Thank you.